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Joining Ampersand23 DAO means putting yourself in the position of being a student, teacher and dean of your own university. You can learn, teach and have a voice in what content is taught.


Ampersand23 DAO sees itself as an archetype of a completely independent NGO/NPO and member-supported foundation that aims to offer all members the opportunity to gain knowledge. Participating members only should have the power to decide on the direction, objectives, and offerings. It shall become a place for all people of the world and is primarily committed to the acquisition and transmission of knowledge and skills. It does not compete to replace universities, but it can prepare people to attend a university or a college, be learning support, and help those who are being denied higher education.

Ampersand23 is mainly an academy, an institute, a laboratory, a school, a college, and an university. But because of its distributed structure, we are still refraining from offering our own degrees. Instead, our plan is to prepare our students to earn accredited certifications. At a later date, our management may then reconsider issuing our own certificates or degrees.

At the same time, Ampersand23 DAO shall serve as a laboratory and an incubator that can be a springboard to develop your own projects. Furthermore, it is an institute run by experts to provide expertise to everyone and wherever it is required and welcomed.

And last but not least, Ampersand is a safe place of free exchange of knowledge and ideas in the security of a self-determined degree of anonymity. Ampersand23 DAO is a DAO (based on the Ethereum blockchain) and as such is by its very nature self-governing. Everyone who participates can be an administrator, teacher, student, and project manager, and is free to choose to what extent they want to fill these roles.


Ampersand23 is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Our idea is that all our effort shall server one aim: to provide an environment for everything needed for the acquisition of knowledge. To reach this goal we want Ampersand23 we created Ampersand23 as a so called DOA – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization served by smart contract which lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Basically, three roles are intended that one can fill at Ampersand23. 

  • Maker – makes learning and teaching possible

  • Giver – shared knowledge and skills, basically a teacher

  • Taker – takes education as a privilege as much as a right

You can and shall fulfill one, several, all, or parts of these roles when you take part in Ampersand23. The fairly distributed governance system of a DAO gives you the chance to actively create the learning environment you want to benefit from. Learn more!


At Ampersand23, we believe the era of global enterprises, universities, educational elites, and profit-driven institutes is coming to an end. The future belongs to decentralized entities that come together naturally. We believe that knowledge, cognition and the opportunity to acquire special skills belong to all people and should therefore be a fundamental right for all.

Our goal is to create equal access to the acquisition of knowledge and skills for all and, as part of a global educational system, to shape the foundations for this ourselves.

Our vision is a world in which everyone, regardless of origin, ethnicity, gender, political views or sexual orientation, can gain access to education and training – anonymously if they wish.

Ampersand23 DAO follows a simple philosophy based on three principles.

  1. We humans are all equal in principle and rights and duties.
  2. All people have a right to education and training and should be given the opportunity to educate themselves according to their inclinations, talents and interests.
  3. Those who are denied education should be given the opportunity to become part of an educational system and, after successful further education, to pass on knowledge, insights and skills to others.

Education has a value and the need for good education is reflected in a price that must be paid for it. Ampersand23 DAO wishes to be a fairer balance of the value of education between givers, receivers, and organizers.

In the “OUR PROMISE” section below, you can learn more about Ampersand23 DAO’s funding and how to earn a reasonable income as a Giver.

The name “Apersand23” comes from the English term für the character “&”.

The ampersand, also known as the and sign, is the logogram &, representing the conjunction “and”. It originated as a ligature of the letters etLatin for “and”.[1]

The term ampersand is a corruption of and (&) per se and, which literally means “(the character) & by itself (is the word) and.” The symbol & is derived from the ligature of ET or et, which is the Latin word for “and.” — Geoffrey Glaister, Glossary of the Book[2]

Basically, “ampersand” is an artificial word that represents a strong connection of a real entity and an abstract idea. So it and it’s graphical representation “&” shall serve us as a name to represent the wish for this connection.

The name part “23” is influenced by the idea of a “23 enigma”. Regardless of whether there is anything to it, 23 is identified in conspiracy theorist circles, literature and pop culture with the secret society of the Illuminati. The Illuminati use the Latin term to describe themselves as the Enlightened Ones and, during the Age of Enlightenment, strove to overcome all structures that impede progress and social development through rational action. According to their convictions, this was only possible as a subversive secret society and in positions that penetrated society. From this interpretation, the “23” unites the desire for the acquisition of knowledge with the possibility to change the world and society for the better in anonymity in secret.

Ampersand23 DAO is not itself a secret society, but gives its members the opportunity to shape, govern and participate in Ampersand23 in self-determined anonymity.

Our promise to the participants or members of Ampersand23 DAO is that everyone who is interested and contributes is welcome to continue shaping Ampersand23 based on our values and enforce right to education, knowledge and skill attainment in a fair and distributed governance driven process.

Everyone is given the opportunity to play the role of

  • Maker
  • Giver
  • Taker

in whole or in part as it is compatible with wishes of the other members. A decentralized autonomous organization provides the ideal foundation for delivering on this promise. Performing the various roles in the self-organizing entity Ampersand23 places high demands on the will and competencies of all participants.

In exchange, it offers the Makers the opportunity to earn income with their organizational talent and enthusiasm. The Givers get a platform to share their knowledge and skills for a reasonable fee, and the Takers have the opportunity to benefit from didactically designed content for a small fee.

Learn more about Ampersand23 DAO.

Our vision already reflects the values to which we as DAO are committed. A world in which everyone, regardless of

  • origin,
  • ethnicity,
  • gender,
  • political views
  • sexual orientation

can gain access to education and training – anonymously if they wish.

In addition, we believe that

  • freedom,
  • equality,
  • diversity,
  • openness,
  • peace,
  • teamwork,
  • efficiency
  • effectiveness,
  • environmental protection,
  • resource conservation,
  • sustainability
  • open-source

are essential to achieving our mission.

By being relatively anonymous as a member of the DAO, existing as a mere address on the Ethereum blockchain, we naturally wish that the former would not matter anyway and the latter would be reflected in words and deeds – this applies to each individual as well as to all as a community.




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