Ampersand23 DAO is pre-alpha / developer preview!

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Ampersand23 DAO is a young and immature project and due to its decentralized governance structure it presents itself early as a “banana product” which in this case means “ripens at customer’s home”. This makes the whole Ampersand23 DAO project highly experimental both in terms of technical implementation and basic concept. Do you wish to learn more about Ampersand23 DAO’s participation and governance?

From this point of view, Ampersand23 DAO is, for the time being, a study object of a pre-feasibility study and an example of a possible use case of a self-governed DAO in pre-alpha status/developer preview – with the prospect of implementation in case of interest and/or acceptance. Even if it is not possible to lose “real money” due to the test installation, it is explicitly pointed out that neither rights, claims nor obligations derive from the participation in Ampersand23 DAO. The Founder reserves the right to change, abandon, or destroy the smart contract at his own discretion.

Currently, the DAO smart contract exists only as a test version on Ethereum’s Rinkeby test network. Potential participants are recommended to use the browser plugin “Metamask” to create an account and equip it with test ETH in the network “Rinkeby”.

Any kind of input, suggestions for improvement, ideas and feedback are highly welcome. Feel free to mail at [email protected] or open an issue on Github!

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